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Admec Waste Management

Construction Waste Management Services

Greater environmental awareness, the impact of the landfill directive and annual increases in the cost of landfill have dramatically increased demand from both construction companies and councils for the pioneering sweepings treatment service we launched in 2008.

In order to continue to meet demand for our services, we have commissioned a state-of-the-art plant that more than quadruples our existing capacity.

Purpose designed for our specific needs and incorporating elements of our original system, it applies a 2-stage density separation process, attrition and high pressure washing to separate sweepings into sand, organic and up to three stone fractions.


Waste being managed

Sorted Waste


In addition to reducing environmental impact by recovering sand, grit and gravel and minimising the volume of waste sent to landfill, the plant makes maximum use of water recovered from the sweepings.

We worked closely in developing the plant with CDEnviro, international market leaders in the design and manufacture of high performance, high efficiency materials recovery and waste recycling systems.

Our company's site in the North East will be used by CDEnviro to demonstrate the latest technology and techniques available to transform sweepings from a waste material, which may require costly treatment before being sent to equally expensive landfill, into a valuable asset for any construction project.

A few of the towns / cities that our services have been used in are Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Sunderland, and many more around the North East.