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Admec Concreate interlocking blocks being assembled

Interlocking Concrete Blocks Suppliers

Re-usable concrete blocks that interlock to provide flexible and robust alternatives to conventional materials for a wide range of structures are the latest addition to our product supply portfolio.

So long as there is a stable base, they are simple and fast to erect. A detachable lifting loop and an integral ‘anchors’ system allow the block to be easily lifted and positioned by a ‘spreader’ beam so its base interlocks with studs on the block on which it will rest


Concreate blocks being assembled

Blocks being stacked


As no bonding material is required, the interlocking concrete blocks can be dismantled just as simply, then are-used again and again - just like the real Lego!

The end section of the block is 600cm high x 600cm broad and blocks and three lengths are available– 1,500cm, 900cm and 600cm

Available for sale or hire, they are supplied with a detachable lifting loop and either a scissor grab or spreader lifting beam can also be hired.

Among the many applications for which the system provides an extremely practical and attractive solution are:-

  • Waste recycling centres/transfer stations
  • Bunker storage
  • Coastal, river, dock and flood defences
  • Fire break walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Security barriers
  • Agricultural use
  • Vehicle access restriction/traffic barriers
  • Fencing anchors

A few of the towns / cities that our services have been used in are Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Sunderland, and many more around the North East.