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Admec Wagon and Crane

Specialist Services

Admec is a family business that has established an unrivalled reputation for reliability and customer service since its formation in 1993. It operates from a 2.5 acre site at Birtley, County Durham. 

In recent years, Admec has responded to increasing environmental and economic pressures on its customers by implementing an extensive investment programme that includes: -

  • The design and construction of a road sweepings treatment and recovery plant – the first to be operated under licence in the UK by a road sweeping company
  • The implementation of a state-of-the-art custom fleet management system
  • Extensive expansion of its maintenance facility
  • The establishment of possibly the most comprehensive on-going staff training and development programme in the industry

Admec has developed a range of road sweeping related services, which enable it to offer comprehensive, high quality solutions for construction companies, local and highway authorities and a range of customers with responsibilities for sweeping unadopted roads, car parks and other surfaced areas.

Over almost a quarter of a century, Admec has responded to customer demand by developing a range of specialist ancillary services alongside its fleet of modern road sweepers and pioneering sweepings treatment plant.

Experienced managers and continual investment in equipment and personnel ensures that they offer the same reliability, high quality and value for money that characterises the company’s core road sweeping services.

The six main Admec ancillary services are:-