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Titan Concreate Truck

Titan Concrete

Titan Concrete is a another side of the business run by Admec Municipal Services Limited.

We can help you with:

  • Any size job
  • Reduced waste
  • Change mix
  • Fast Delivery
  • Fresh concrete always available
  • Free barrowing (conditions apply)
  • Evening and weekend services (on request)

Our specialist volumetric mixer delivers rapid on the spot mixing. Titan Concrete can supply any amount – from small domestic jobs to large-scale commercial constructions. So whatever your building project, Titan Concrete can meet your requirements.


Concreate being offloaded for use

Tita Concreate ready to use


We understand that different jobs require specific mixes. Our specialist service allows the delivery of different strengths during one delivery, saving you time and money.

Titan Concrete are also Suppliers of interlocking concrete blocks. Suitable for permanent or temporary features. The blocks can be removed or relocated giving potential for future expansion or modification.


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